Professional Carpet Cleaning

Based in Leicester and covering the whole of Leicestershire, Soar Valley ChemDry Ltd offers a full range of domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. We also provide restoration services after fire or smoke damage, water damage or accidental spillages.

Make your Carpet look new again!

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ChemDry Carpet Cleaning

ChemDry uses a unique carbonated cleaning process which creates millions of tiny bubbles that lift soiling to the surface where it is removed quickly and powerfully. Stubborn stains and ingrained dirt will be easily removed, leaving your home smelling fresh and dry in no time.

Most carpets take just one to two hours to dry. The gentle process does not harm carpet fibres or upholstery fabric, and there is no risk of shrinkage.

Why ChemDry?

Because there is no sticky residue, your carpets will stay clean for much longer. Hard working and quick drying, ChemDry is just what you need around the family home.

Non-toxic cleaning solutions from Soar Valley ChemDry

The cleaning agent “The Natural” contains only totally safe, highly effective ingredients. It’s just like giving your carpets a refreshing bath with mineral water. Your home is left fresh and clean, and there are none of the soaps and detergents found in other cleaners.

“The Natural” is also non-toxic with a neutral pH, and after ChemDry’s pure and gentle cleaning you can even let your children play on the carpet in complete safety.

Trust ChemDry to look after your cleaning, your family and the environment.

We will always move smaller furniture, ensuring we clean every corner where possible.

Stains including blood and wine can usually be removed.

Before Soar Valley ChemDry

Before Soar Valley ChemDry carpet cleaning

After Soar Valley ChemDry

After Soar Valley ChemDry carpet cleaning

Are you looking for a friendly, professional and reliable clean for your Carpets?